Editor, Health & Wellbeing

“How the flip did I get here?”

Did you know that this is not an uncommon thing to ask yourself? It can be a very scary thing to think but it is not an uncommon thought. There are some days where you can feel on top of the world, like everything is on the right track and other days where it feels like you haven’t seen a road sign for miles, the street lights have all blown and your Uber app is down.

Yes, you can say No

Editor, Health & Wellbeing

Wake up at 6am, drive through traffic to get to work, allow the hasty driver behind you to push in front, start your work, agree to take on those extra tasks (even though you’re already bogged down), stay behind late to finish those extra tasks, agree to cover the early shift tomorrow, drive through traffic to get home, help your friend out with their dissertation paper, lend another friend £20 until they get paid, order a take away because you’re so drained, skip the bubble bath that you promised yourself because you’re tired, drag yourself to bed. Do it all again tomorrow.