Episode 1: WOMEN, FOR THE CULTURE: Disney Princess or Modern Feminists?

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lineIt’s never been easier to relate to Rapunzel… locked inside, working from home and asking, “when will our lives begin?” But aside from Rapunzel’s inventive use of a frying pan, there are a lot of lessons we can learn from the Disney princesses who populated many of our imaginations for at least the first 8 or 9 years of our lives. Here’s a look at 4 of these “Bright young women, sick o’ swimming, ready to stand”, and what we can learn from them as women.line


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line“You’re a bit awkward, has anyone ever told you that?” As a self-confessed awkward person, I think I can speak on behalf of the group and answer, yes, yes we have all been told this, multiple times. In fact, would you believe me if I told you that we probably already knew this, before you had pointed it out, having lived with ourselves for quite some time now, ha! For all my awkward queens out there, the gag is, your awkwardness can actually be your superpower! I’ll tell you why…line