lineMeet Laura, chocolate melter, sweet treat baker and self-confessed lover of all things sugary. In this week’s 10 Minute Coffee Breaks, Laura gave us the low down on how she turned her sweet tooth into her side hustle, the changes that she noticed within herself since becoming her own ‘boss babe’ and how becoming Chief Taste Tester, in the kitchen, became her creative outlet.line

1.Tell us about yourself? What is your blurb?

My name is Laura and I’m a recent new mum to a gorgeous little boy. I love nothing more than to spend time with my friends and family whether it be taking long walks, chatting over a glass of prosecco or binge-watching films in our pyjamas, with a whole load of goodies to scoff.

2. How did Sugar Momma develop?

I’m actually a trained Early Years Practitioner, but I wanted to have a little side hustle while on maternity leave. I needed something that I could do from home, work around my new baby and also something that I could carry on doing when I do eventually go back to work. I am a self-confessed lover of anything sugary, plus a momma! Hence, the name, Sugar Momma!

3. Have you always been a baker? How did you get into it?

Absolutely not. Believe it or not I’m a pretty terrible baker! Though, not for lack of trying. I love the thought of being able to whip up a treat in the kitchen but unfortunately, that isn’t the case – just ask my other half, he will vouch for me *sad face*. This is part of the reason that I decided to opt for chocolatey treats. I figured, anyone can melt chocolate, right? (I didn’t even know tempering was a thing at this point).


4. We can’t help but notice how pretty and aesthetically pleasing your branding and Instagram feed is, would you say that your business allows you to get creative?

Thank you so much. I have always been a very creative person; I mean you have to be when working with children. In actual fact, I struggled (and still do) when it comes to the layout on my Instagram – it’s what I like to call a ‘working progress’. I am forever looking at other funky business pages and get ‘insta envy’- it’s a real thing you know? Of course, though, the real fun is getting creative in the kitchen! I love thinking up new chocolaty ideas…being Chief Taste Tester isn’t bad either!

5. What effects has your business had on you (e.g. increased confidence, more assertive, more creative, healthier habits, therapeutic, etc.)?

Sugar Momma is a new little venture I am on, so I have only been trading a short while… Even shorter now that we are in lockdown, but since starting the business I have become so much more confident. I have always wanted to be my own boss and my brain is forever thinking up new business ideas. I suppose fear or worry stopped me before. Sugar Momma luckily allows me to keep the security of my teaching work whilst, also allowing me to experience what life would be like if I was self-employed.

6. Start-up businesses are really difficult, what has been your biggest challenge thus far and what has kept you pushing through?

Starting up your own business is tough and although I believe you can become a real connoisseur in your area or field (whatever it may be), I also believe that you are forever learning on the job. That is most certainly how it has been for me anyway. In honesty, at the beginning, at lot of it was trial and error . The hardest thing for me was sourcing the correct size packaging, postal boxes and stickers – none of which really had anything to with the actual chocolate itself. The key is to not give up. I think since becoming a mum I have a new-found kick-ass determination!q3

7. What effect have you noticed your business having on your customers and other people? Because for us not only did we feel hungry going through your feed, but it also had the feel-good factor. Was that intentional?

I have always been a bit of an introvert so when starting up my Instagram page, I was overwhelmed with the kindness I received from other people. I always make sure that no matter what, I always spread positive messages and give love back. I also do giveaways as I love to be able to help make someone else’s day, that bit more special. If I can make just one person happy, then my job is done!

8. Do you feel that a business has the power to be more than one dimensional, in terms of how you can make your customers feel (i.e. It’s not just about selling a product)? If yes, how important is this to you and your business?

When I was pregnant, I received a lot of unexpected gifts through the post from family and friends and it always used to make me so happy. It wasn’t necessarily the gift itself (although they were always amazing) but the fact that someone had taken to the time to surprise me and send a little gift. I like to think that my customers feel that way when they receive my chocolates, whether it’s for a friend, their children, their partner or even a little pick me up for themselves. I mean what is better than an unexpected chocolatey surprise through the letterbox right?!

9. What advice would you give to past and future you, given where you are at right now with your business?

I would tell my past self to stop the self-doubt and just go for it, care less about what people think and not to be embarrassed about your ‘crazy’ ideas.

As for my future self, I would tell her to never look back unless it’s to see how far she has come.

10. Tell us about your future plans for Sugar Momma? What can we look forward to from you?

My plans are to grow the business and increase brand awareness. I hope to soon be selling via a website and in the future, I like to think I will have my very own working space instead of working from my own kitchen. I would love to branch out into other areas such as being able to supply fudge and confectionary (my sweet tooth struggle is real) but for now I will stick to what I do best which is chocolate. I want everyone to have tried Sugar Momma’s treats. Watch this space!

To see more of what Laura is up to and for all things Sugar Momma, head over to her Instagram @sugarmomma2020


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