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Jaye episode 8 -

lineMeet Jaye, a young woman from London with a passion for fashion! In this week’s episode, Jaye discussed with us the impact that fashion has had on her confidence, how she uses “LEWKS” to reinvent herself and the beauty of making an old outfit new.line

Fashion, the medium that has been changed and moulded overtime, separated and unified by culture. It is this that I find so empowering. I am someone who sees fashion as my second skin. As a young woman, self-discovery and the pressures of society can sometimes feel a little daunting and tiring. I don’t always have “it” all together. But for me, fashion is a cushion. I use it to boost my self-esteem. It makes me feel good. Admittedly, I have dabbled in self-destructive physical comparisons, between myself and others. But over time, I have been able to use my personal style as a creative outlet, an outlet that no longer seeks validation. Fashion has become like a pencil to my sketchpad. Its alive, continues to reinvent and I love that!

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 I believe, we all ask ourselves one of two things when choosing an outfit. One is “does this feel comfortable/is it functional?” the other is “how does this outfit make me feel when I wear it?” We’ve all experienced those days where we feel a bit “meh” and end up choosing comfortability over how “sexy” or “nice”, an outfit makes us feel. For myself, when choosing clothes, purely for the comfortability factor, I don’t necessarily feel that creative buzz. On the other hand, there are days when I’ve actually taken the time to style an outfit and get creative with it, those are the days that I feel the difference. If I we’re to ask myself how I felt, it would be “expressive, the best version of me, put together, confident”. I walk different, with my head held high. I definitely notice the difference in my mental and physical, depending on what I put on my body. When I look good, I feel good!

 In fact, colour theory is something that has an impact on many of us. When we head towards spring and summer, we naturally gravitate towards wearing brighter and bolder colours, not just because it’s on trend, but because it reflects what we are seeing outside. For me, I have an emotional connection to colour, it tells a story. Adding a colourful piece to my look, genuinely makes me feel happier, on the inside. Maybe that’s why phrases such as “adding a pop of colour” have become so popular in the fashion world and in journalism.


 I also associate fashion and my personal style with community. For me, places like Shoreditch and Oxford Street, are the heart of fashion and creativity. I feel expressive when I go to places like this, I show out to suit the vibe there. I find that I dress more edgy or chic. I am able to mould myself, to suit the vibe of the area. It’s almost like a fun challenge for me.

 Clothes have helped with my confidence. For instance, if I am wearing something new, I feel rejuvenated, mentally and physically. It almost feels like I have added a new extension of myself out there for the world to see. The beauty of fashion though, is that old clothes can make me feel this way too, through changing how I wear them, or pairing them up with different bits that I wouldn’t usually. Being able to pull a new outfit together, from old pieces, makes me feel like “yeah, I did that” and that’s a confidence boost, in itself. Sometimes, the digital world can make you feel like you’re not enough, like you don’t have enough clothes, etc. But that’s what I love about fashion, you don’t need to have loads of new things to feel good, as long as you’re creative, you can just keep on reinventing looks.

 I love what I wear, I love that parts of my style establish a relationship to time. To me, that’s pretty cool.

This blog article was contributed by Jaye. You can find more of what Jaye is up to over at @Jayeasha_x on Instagram. 

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