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When life becomes unpredictable, it can sometimes cause our mental health to suffer. Unpredictability can lead to feelings of uncertainty, lack of control and anxiety. When trekking through the unknown, having a daily routine in place can be really comforting and help to give us some control back to our day to day.line

“How?” You ask. Well, when we have a routine in place, with set times for different tasks, it gives our day some structure. When we know that this particular thing is happening at this particular time, it takes away some of the uncertainty and is reassuring.
Having a daily routine also helps to make our day more manageable. We have all experienced that feeling of having one million and one things to do in a day and not knowing where our heads are at. It becomes overwhelming and almost impossible to focus on one task, let alone the other one million.

When we have a daily routine, we can better plan the structure of our day. We are less likely to forget the important bits if they are jotted down on a bit of paper, with a designated time for completion. Not only does this make our day feel more doable and less stressful but we also get the satisfaction of checking things off a list.

The great thing about having a daily routine is that it is buildable. As life changes, we can change our daily routine to suit, whether we want it to include more self-care, or more family time, etc. We can change or review our routine at any point to make room for healthier habits. In fact, we should review and develop our daily routine regularly. It helps to make us more flexible and resilient to change. Therefore, our last point is that, although having a daily routine has many benefits, it’s important not to become too stringent in following a check list, allow your routine to be open for change, just as life changes!

Having a daily routine helps us to live with intention, doing life, instead of just letting life happen and we’re all about that!


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