Poems -Natalie

In preparation for our We Create event in May (click here for details), we have put together #WeCreate. A campaign to honour vulnerability positivity through creative expression!

Meet Natalie, a writer, poet and singer.


“When I was younger, I used to express myself through creating music and song writing. As I got older and developed as a creative, I really started to enjoy journaling my experiences metaphorically, through poetry. I love the effect that poetry has on its audience. I can use my truths and words in a way that others can relate to and I love that. I hope that through my poetry, others can reflect inwardly and feel something. Being able to tune in with yourself is really important.”

Natalie shared 3 of her amazing poems with us! Slothful, Young girl and Calmness. We hope that you enjoy them just as much as we did!line

Sweat trickling down my face
Time stands still but yet seems to be running on edge
So, I’m confused as to how my week has now turned into a month and my month has occupied a year
“Tomorrow” I say
Now the word “Tomorrow” has become my daily bread and it’s my prayer ringtone in the morning
But I believe I’ll get better and i continue speaking to God about my “changing” ways
Although I failed to do my quiet time this morning; I’ll be prepared next time instead
That 3000-word assignment that was due on the 15th got looked at on the night of the 14th
followed by that lecture that was scheduled for 9am but rather smelt me at 11am
Now my mind is going at 70mph
Uncontrollably failing to stay on track
Part of me is complacent with being able to appear like I have it altogether
Because it’s better to paint an image of being in control, than failing… Right?
So, I ghost off social media for however long
I can tell myself I need to pull it together
Now 20 mins later I’m still the same person, lying in bed laughing at the latest twitter jokelineYoung girl

Young girl, stop crying
Stop breathing as if you’ve had to walk a thousand miles with chains around your legs
Young girl you’ve almost won the race
So, raise your head up high
Can’t you see
That you’re victorious
Young girl with that full face of makeup and luxurious weave
Where is your Afro?
Do you dislike the fact that you are so strong, brave and naturally crafted?
You rise above them all
Young girl, you’re magnificent
Your worth more than a dime
So young girl, take the time to acknowledge your worth

Young girlline

It’s a Wednesday evening
I’m sat down with the blues
Works done, the offices are shut
So, the amount of footsteps has gone up
As the breeze flows through my body I can’t help but take in the scenery this Wednesday provides me
The joyful screams of young children splashing in the water
The arched position of four Middle Aged souls arched over: whilst watching a clueless yoga instructor stretch; makes me realise I’m not at home
The stillness of the pond whilst ripples form in the water sing peace to me
The glistening of the sun
Reflected on the waterfront alongside the calmness of the plants
Takes me to an art gallery
Oh, how I wish I could pick up this space and transport it home
Lost in thoughts
A moment in time
My body seems at peace yet so displaced
Beside a good friend our thoughts become intertwined
Towered by giant apartment blocks I’m becoming closed in
Closing me in to where my thoughts begin

You can head over to Natalie’s Instagram @n.m.a.x to read more of her beautiful work!

If you are interested in getting involved in our #WeCreate campaign, drop us a line on our Contact Us page. All creatives are welcome!

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