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“How the flip did I get here?”

Did you know that this is not an uncommon thing to ask yourself? It can be a very scary thing to think but it is not an uncommon thought. There are some days where you can feel on top of the world, like everything is on the right track and other days where it feels like you haven’t seen a road sign for miles, the street lights have all blown and your Uber app is down.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that you’re lost or that you’ve lost your way. That’s not true! You’re just on a detour. We plan a journey and just hope that we make it. I could get on a train tomorrow with a preplanned destination, end up getting “lost”, see many wonders along the way, find myself in a place that I didn’t know existed and have a damn good time making new discoveries. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t gotten “lost” in the first place. Do you see what I mean?

As humans, all we can do is plan for things and try to take steps in the right direction towards making them happen, but detours do not mean that you’re lost. Changes in the estimated time of arrival, also do not mean you’re lost. It’s an estimation! And guess what? Changing your “where to” does not mean you’re lost either. It’s all about perception really. Maybe that “perfect route” that you had planned out, was never meant for you to visit. Maybe that “detour” that you’ve somehow found yourself on is going to catapult you into your destiny.

So if you’re not really lost…surely you must be found, right? Hear me out. If you’re exactly where you’re meant to be in your life, exactly where you’re MEANT to be, surely you can’t be where you’re not meant to be, at the same time. That would be impossible! We simply need to practice and exercise our right to be “found”. We are all entitled to it.

“Well, how do I do that, in a world where I sometimes feel a bit lost?”, you ask.

1. Discover you again: This might sound a bit cheesy but write it all down! Or even just remember all the things that make you awesome! What gifts have you been given? It could be something as little as being able to make a top notch spag bol. That’s still something, it’s still a gift! Even little gifts can bring somebody else big joy. That is worth writing about, it makes you, you! It is easy to forget who you are, when you believe that you’re lost.

2. Enjoy the detours: Sure, detours can take you off your “track”, but it’s what you make of’em, while you’re on’em! Ask yourself, while this is happening (whatever your “is” may be), what can I gain from it? What can I learn? What is beautiful about it? What can I create, as a result of it? Maybe you’ll discover a new “track”, a better one!

3. Slow down but keep on moving: Slow down, take time, breath in and enjoy where you’re at, but don’t stop moving. Practice that hobby that you once loved, read that book that you never got around to reading, finish that painting, go for a walk, save up for that concert, start writing again, get back into cooking. When you keep on moving towards the things that make you, you, you start to appreciate and remember what it is that you love about yourself!

4. Rest: it’s time to rest. Rest in the following truths, you are here for a reason. You do have gifts and talents to offer the world. You’re not lost and never have been and if you feel that you are, you’re merely on a detour and that’s ok! No, you don’t know where you’ll end up, but you’ve been equipped with exactly what you need to make this journey beautiful, to create, to give and to love. These are the things that matter and make you who you are. These are the things that make you found!


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